Philip Huang founded his eponymous label in 2016 after more than a decade in the fashion industry as a model. Philip recognised his desire to collaborate with artisans and makers to create garments that would form long-lasting essentials to any wardrobe, male or female. This desire would eventually manifest itself in a label that creates transitional pieces, meticulously constructed, fusing age-old traditions of the artisans of Thailand with contemporary design know-how, methods and materials.

Indigo plants grow in abundance in the province of Sakon Nakhon and the knowledge and know-how to create the most exquisite natural dye from these plants have been passed on through many  generations in the province .
The savoir-faire is kept alive with an older generation of grandmas in villages throughout the province. These keepers of this ancient art, able to create the purest blues and the most intricate Ikat patterns, skills learnt from their elders, honed to perfection from years of practice.
It is the leaves of the Indigo tree that becomes the blue dye that is used, it is soaked over a period of time then fed nutrients as it cold-brews, a fermentation process which gives the deepest and warmest colour. Everything comes into play, the water, the timing, the food fed to the Indigo (it likes sugar and sometimes ash water). To become blue, it needs to oxidize, at first a lively green it becomes blue as it breathes in Oxygen.